What is “The Ruminist”?

In the cacophony of everyday news, and the world coming to an end, it is easy to miss the important, meaningful, thoughtfully written “stuff.”

This is that sort of stuff. It is stuff I write. I might make it into a book someday, dunno. Maybe 5-10 yrs down the line. For now, just writing, sketching, doodling and pouring out my right brained and left brained thoughts a bunch at a time.

“Ruminist” is a word I made up. It is the type of thing I do: making up new words which should have existed, but didn’t.

A “ruminist” is someone who ruminates for a living - directly or indirectly. It is different from being a “thinker” because it extends to reflecting on important matters, contemplating, reflecting, soul searching, growth, and cross pollinating ideas in your head. It is a different way of existing.

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I can’t say that I have a writer’s block or something, but I don’t crank out things every day. It is because I put thought into my writing. And thinking is a time consuming thing. Not everyone can do it right. It requires brains.

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This is where I try to break the shackles of mainstream noise, and give a voice to meaningful, non-cliche creation. Hop on.