What is “Parantapah”?

In the cacophony of everyday news, and the world coming to an end, it is easy to lose your sense of direction and question your place in the world—literally and figuratively.

Be it politics, science, spirituality, religion—everything has big question marks.

This is a long hard look at past, present and future. Where do they intersect? Why do they diverge? Some history, some politics, some spirituality, a lot of thought.

This is the stuff that is neither boxed into Left, nor Right, nor any other box made up by the people who make up these boxes. It’s my original, independent, and real concerns about the world we live in.


“Parantapah” is another name for Arjuna, the warrior prince of Mahabharat. The name means “one who wins enemies with their own spiritual strength or ‘tapah’.”

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