Nothing is Tax Free

The tax you pay is in different forms of currency, but it is not zero.

There must be a Murphy’s law of Twitter somewhere that your tweet will go viral when you are in the middle of a time crunch. The tax on virality is trolls. The tax on fame is hate. The tax on popularity is fans’ expectations.

Nothing, or almost nothing, is tax free. We tend to think of tax in monetary terms, but it can be literally anything. The amount of time you invest, the toll on your health, the adverse effects on others or the environment, and so on and so forth. Maybe not everything has a tax, but most things people crave for, do.

Water, an abundant natural resource, should be free. But it isn’t. Because cleaning, filtering and procuring water is a time taking process. So we buy water or water purifier instead. There is a tax on water too — the money you pay for it and the fluoride you ingest, added to it by the government. Water itself is free and available. Fluoride is the tax.

The tax on food is the fertilizers and pesticides you ingest along with food. It ruins your body’s natural defense against diseases and chemical imbalances.

The tax on browsing on your phone is bad postures which hurt your muscles after a few years. Human body is not designed to hang the head & look at a screen for hours on end. When you do that, your body takes a toll.

The tax on working endless hours is the stress, bad eating and sleeping habits and de-stabilizing body’s natural rhythm.

The tax on watching TV is the scandal-based-thinking-which-attracts-conflict getting injected into you, and your body getting little exercise, losing its immunity.

I could go on and on. But the key point is that we keep paying tax on many things without even realizing it, simply because it is not in $$$. Nothing is truly tax free, unless it is completely in sync with nature and the human body both. The world we currently live in is far from it. So it’s better to understand the various forms of tax we pay and take measures to avoid this damage while we still can.

Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

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